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Whoooa! 156 vector illustrations and Lottie animations

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A huge pack of 156 (78 solid and 78 in outline style) Lottie animations + static illustrations. Ideal for your products (both personal and commercial) such as websites, landing pages, web applications, mobile applications, social media, presentations and more.

All animations are editable, so you can easily change colors without having to go through the code or even to the source files. Using the Lottie editor you can quickly make minor edits, change colors, as well as optimise and hide layers.

What is Lottie? 

Why Lottie?

Animations across your web and app platforms can be a great way to create a positive user experience and engage your audience at a whole new level. However, for engineers, building animations in can be tedious, time-consuming and pricey for your wallet. Also, integrating animations on your websites, web or mobile applications never been easier and it's simply a matter of copy and pasting a code.

Available in the following formats: ae, json, ai, sketch, fig, adobe xd, eps, svg, png, jpg

Compatible with: After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and more.

Visit 👉Whoooa! website👈 to find out more

You will get:

  • 156 handmade Lottie animations (in 2 different styles - 78 solid and 78 outline in 26 most popular subjects)
  • 156 handmade vector illustrations (in 2 different styles - 78 solid and 78 outline in 26 most popular subjects)
  • Animations + vector + raster formats
  • Free lifetime updates (including new animations and illustrations in the future)
  • Personal & commercial license 
  • Lottie files with animations (JSON + After Effects)
  • A template for Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD for changing colors on static illustrations

Can I edit animations?

Yes, thanks to JSON format editing is extremely easy and you can perform the following operations on illustrations:

  • Change layer colors and give your animation a new look with just a few clicks you can use for example your brand colors or any color palette you can imagine.
  • Change the frame rate, duration, speed, dimension of each animation.
  • Hide/show particular scene elements.

Here's a short video showing how easily you can edit an animation in order to fit it to your needs 👉

Change colors easily with just a few clicks to fit your brand or product color palette. See how it works in Sketch - Figma - Adobe XD

Examples of usage

Whoooa! illustrations used in real projects


Changelog (FREE updates)

  • All .ae files have been separated instead of having them grouped into 8 parts - 13.09.2021
  • Version 1.0 released - 03.09.2021

Need more info?

www - contact - dribbble - license - product hunt

Made with 💜 by Ola Maciejewska & Greg Dlubacz & Ruslan Fatykhov.

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You will get:

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Lottie files
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Sketch template
Figma template
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FREE lifetime updates
Personal & commercial license
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Whoooa! 156 vector illustrations and Lottie animations

24 ratings
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