UX FREE Flow chart kit 3.0 for Figma

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UX Flow kit ver. 3.0 for Figma. The biggest FREE flow chart kit for Figma on the market!

Here it is ver 3.0 of the most popular Flow chart kit for Figma. Did you know that ver 2.0 of this kit has been downloaded over 1 million times? Cool, huh?

With hundreds of custom components, cards, pre-made elements, and a dedicated plugin, Figma/FigJam makes creating flow charts faster and simpler than ever before.

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What's new?

UX Flow underwent complete refactoring to better align the product to today's standards and the capabilities of Figma itself. Unfortunately, as a result, the product lost support for Sketch.

As you have probably noticed, UX Flow has also become part of our larger product called UX Stack Guru, which you can read more about at this link. However, we wanted UX Flow to remain a free product, so we not only improved the previous version, but in fact created most of it from the ground up while adding many new features.

  • Redesigned connectors, shapes
  • New components such as annotations, labels, numbers & letters
  • New templates added
  • Full support for FigJam
  • A dedicated Figma/FigJam plugin
  • Flow chart kit now available in 4 different colors
  • Changes in the naming convention and the entire structure in Figma
  • New red color theme

Examples of what you can create with UX Stack Guru

  • Flow charts for web projects

  • Information architecture

  • Timelines

  • FigJam version

Have a look what you can get if you'll decide to upgrade to the full version UX Stack Guru.

What you'll get?

  • 386 customizable cards in 4 colors (Gray, Dark, Blue, and Red)
  • Scalable connectors, shapes, and devices 4 colors (Gray, Dark, Blue, and Red)
  • Various examples of usage
  • Components such as annotations, labels, number & letters
  • FigJam file and examples of usage where you can create flow charts even faster than in Figma thanks to built-in features and components
  • Plugin for Figma/FigJam πŸ‘‰ download
  • Pre-defined templates

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Made with πŸ’œ by Greg Dlubacz & Piotr MitrΔ™ga.

Please note: The standard VAT rate may be charged, following the law of your country.

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You will get:

Figma kit & templates
FigJam kit & templates
Plugin for Figma & FigJam
Personal license
Manual in Figma
32.1 MB
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UX FREE Flow chart kit 3.0 for Figma

664 ratings
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